Feel confident with your new breasts!

Following breast augmentation some women develop stretch marks and scarring that prevents them from embracing their new look.

If this is you, we have a created a solution to suit your needs and help you face the world faster.

Breast Augmentation

It all started when...

you underwent breast augmentation. You were excited about your new perky additions and had purchased the perfect support to hold your dearest assets close. The swelling had subsided, the pain had gone and a few months later you realised you had developed stretch marks and noticed the apparent scarring taking away the beauty from your new besties. What the heck!?

Scarring following surgery is inevitable however, the quality of the scar will depend on the quality of the incisions, your movements during your recovery phase and your individual ability to heal. The scar may be a small hypo-pigmented (white) linear scar, to scarring around the entire areola and nipple complex and under the breast fold. Ideally scar therapies should be implemented from the get go, but older scars can also be treated to give you the boost you need.

Stretch marks are nasty, at one point or another the majority of women will notice the development of stretch marks on our butts, hips, bellies and breasts. Stretch marks will start out red to purple and gradually fade to a silvery stripe. For those that embrace the stripes of womanhood, "you go girl"! For those of you that have developed stretch marks over your bossums following a surgery that you looked forward to for so long and want them banished from the boob, "we have your back"!

We use a combination of medical grade therapies performed by highly training Dermal Clinicians to get your assets looking like you envisioned. To get you the best results you will likely need a series of treatments, we work with your budget (we also offer a version of afterpay, yeh boi!) and timeframes to suit your lifestyle.

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