One on one, or group workshops are available to educate, empower and connect people to their skin health and healing. Workshops are an interactive and fun way to learn new skills and develop your networks. 


Upcoming Workshops

No workshops are scheduled. Keep up to date on our Facebook Page or Contact us to enquire about a workshop near you.

Past Workshops

Breasts, stretch marks and ceaserean scars

Pregnancy and the skin

Main Concerns Discussed:

  • The breast during pregnancy and how to perform manual lymph drainage at home to reduce inflammation and pain

  • What are stretch marks and what can be done about them

  • Why do some individuals scar worse than others and how to prevent unsightly ceasaren scars.

This workshop is suited for the mother, expectant mother or the planning parent and is a fun and interactive way for women to meet other mums, talk about common body issues and feel empowered in their bodies.

Subject Matters Covered:

  • An introduction to the common skin concerns during pregnancy.

  • What stretch marks are. Why they occur. Can they be prevented and how to treat them.

  • The dreaded c-scar. What forms a scar. What is a ‘good’ scar and a ‘bad’ scar and what to do to prevent or treat an unsightly scar

  • Breasts during lactation. Pain and inflammation management. How to perform your own manual lymph massage at home to reduce discomfort.

The skin and ageing

what happens to your skin when it ages

Why does the skin age? What happens in the skin to cause wrinkles, laxity or pigmentation? What can be done to slow down the process? This workshop is suited for the conscious adult that wants to prevent the first signs of ageing to the mature individual that wants to learn more about how to slow down the skin ageing process.

Subject Matters Covered:

  • What happens to our skin as we age: a closer look at cell turnover and tissue destruction

  • What are the presentations of ageing: it’s not just about wrinkles, pigmentation, loose skin and larger pores are all signs of ageing in the skin

  • The contributing factors to ageing: sun, lifestyle, inflammation all add to how our skin ages

  • What can be done about it? Considerations for homecare, lifestyle and treatment options (Brand neutral advice given)

The ABC's of skincare


Day after day I speak to people that are confused about what they are using on their skin. What product does what? Why is their product making them more oily? Why isn’t their cleanser helping with their breakouts? This interactive workshops gets down to the basics of skin care; how ingredients interact in the skin, what ingredients are suited to what skin conditions and what ingredients should be avoided.

This workshop is suited for someone that doesn’t use anything on their skin to the savvy skin care collector. No specific brands or ranges are marketed in this workshop, based on ingredients only.

Subject matters covered:

  • Skincare myths debunked.

  • The difference between a cosmetic, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical.

  • What is sunscreen: What does SPF mean and the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens.

  • What is a filler ingredient? How to choose clean, safe skin care: a closer look at the ingredient listings.

  • What ingredient does what: a closer look at active ingredients in skin care and how to choose the right product for your skin.