Initial Consultation

Cost for Initial Consultation:

30 minutes $55
If patch test required additional $15


An initial consultation is required prior to any treatments to assess suitability of treatment, conduct a patch test if required and consult on lifestyle and product considerations. 

We recommend that you bring everything you are using on your skin and take a note of supplements, medications, allergies or recent blood tests so that we can guide you on the best treatment for your skin, time frame and budget.

Consultation cost is redeemable if pack of 3 or more treatments are booked within one month.

Skin Needling

Cost Per Treatment:

Small Area - $125 per treatment
Eyes and Mouth - $250
Full Face - $420 per treatment

If purchased in pack of 3 + cost per treatment:

Full Face -  $349 each
Eyes and Mouth - $195

Also known as skin needling, CIT is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that stimulates the body's own immune response to build higher quality collagen fibres. Thus, improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, pore size and skin laxity.

Chemical Peels


1 treatment - $85
3 or more treatments - $75 each
Under 18's per treatment - $55

Chemical peels and topical therapies are suitable for many skin conditions and may also be required to prepare your skin for other treatments. We choose the type and strength of chemical peel based on your skin condition and skin goals. 


Cost Per Treatment:

Starting at $175
Price on application

Also known as medical tattooing. Specialised pigment is used to camouflage scarringand to simulate the areola complex or hair follicles.

Inflammation Management

Cost Per Treatment:

60 minutes $110
90 minutes $165

Without the lymphatic system we wouldn't be alive. When the body undergoes trauma, illness or environmental stresses the lymphatic system becomes sluggish, leading to inflammation and skin conditions. MLD encourages healthy flow of lymph fluid to remove cellular debris and toxin build up from the body. Those with acne, rosacea and recent surgical procedures are suitable candidates. 

Treatment may also include:

  • Lymph tapping
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Self manual lymphatic movements
  • Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser


Daily Hire - $16.50
Weekly Hire - $60
Monthly Hire - $165


Non-invasive light based modalities that bio-modulate cellular processes in the tissue. Low level laser therapy and LED have been shown to; offer natural pain relief, stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve healing outcomes, stimulate collagen and reduce acne.These therapies are most effective when performed daily or bi-daily so we hire out machinery for you to use from the comfort of your own home. Full training included. Once your down, place it in the supplied package and drop it in your local letter box.

(Mole Scan)

Coming Soon

Dermoscopy is the most effective surveillance program designed to detect skin cancer especially melanoma at a very early stage. Magnification of skin lesions using a specialised lens is performed. Medical photography may be performed on susupicious and non suspicious lesions and for later comparision and further diagnostics if required.

Before and Afters