Inflammation is an accumulation of fluid and blood proteins in the interstitial spaces (spaces between cells) of the body. Inflammation is vital in the wound healing stages as it is the body's way of removing cellular debris to initiate the repair process. 

Causes of inflammation:

  • External injury

  • Pathogens from bacteria, virus or fungi

  • Chemicals or radiation

Length of inflammation:

  • Acute inflammation - This occurs immediately after an injury or trauma which lasts for several hours to several weeks.

  • Chronic inflammation - This can occur after an injury or trauma and is due to poor wound healing abilities, illness or continuous trauma to the injury site.

Pre/Post Surgical Inflammation

Post surgical inflammation is painful and can lead to scarring, skin irritation and a sense of debilitation. Prolonged inflammation can lead to other complications and may require intervention. Preparing the body prior to surgery can initiate speedier recovery times and reduce scarring. Combining pre and post therapies that increase cellular processes, stimulate toxin removal and allow the flow of lymph fluid through the body can greatly increase not only healing outcomes but also offer a natural method of pain relief during recovery.

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can be caused by illness, injury or post surgically. Inflammation is considered chronic when it persists for several months and may last for duration of the persons life. Chronic inflammation affects many processes in the body and if left unmagaged can lead to other serious diseases and tissue destruction. When the body starts to destruct its own tissue the outcome can be thickening and scarring of the connective tissue or necrosis (cell death). Chronic inflammation may be a condition that requires ongoing management.  Specialised treatments coupled with the right tools and education can greatly improve the quality of life and healing outcome of the individual.

Chronic inflammation may be managed with an array of modalities:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Compression Therapy and taping

  • Nutritional supplementation

  • Skin care and lifestyle education

Aroze Dermal Therapies works with allied health professionals and specialists for the best outcome.


At Aroze Dermal Therapies we believe that education is a vital key to creating holistic and optimal healing outcomes. By involving the individual in their own healing a sense of responsibility and achievement is developed and allows for ongoing self management. Interactive workshops on home care, skin care and inflammation management offer a supportive environment that gets individuals involved in their health journey and allows easy networking with others that may also be going through similar circumstances.