3D Areola Simulation

Trained in techniques from master trainers, the practitioners we work with bring you the most advanced methods of paramedical tattooing.

3D areola and breast recreation

Bi-lateral and uni-lateral Tattoo

During cancer treatment a woman may undergo surgery to remove affected tissue from the breast area. This is commonly followed with reconstructive surgery, however the areola and nipple complex may not be intact. Areola tattoo is a suitable option following mastectomy to enhance the reconstructed breast and signify the end of cancer treatment.

At Aroze Dermal Therapies all the practitioners we work with use advanced techniques with the highest quality equipment and pharmaceutical grade pigments. Ensuring safety for even the most sensitive individuals.

Areola and nipple tattoo can be provided:

  • After breast reconstruction

  • After a mastectomy due to cancer treatment

  • After breast enhancement surgery or breast augmentation to camouflage scarring

  • After injury for partial or total loss of areola complex

  • To enhance the natural areola and nipple complex


The Treatment process

Before undergoing paramedical tattoo of the areola complex a referral and clearance may be required from the treating oncologist or medical professional.

A comprehensive consultation will cover the risks, limitations and outcomes of the procedure. Once pre and post care instructions are given a consent is signed and the colour matching and measurements will begin. Colour matching is an important step in the tattoo procedure process to choose the ideal tone for the individual which will result in the most natural result. Measuring and drawing on of the areola prior to tattoo will allow the patient to visualise the finalised results.

When the patient is satisfied with the colour choice the treatment process begins. Medical tattooing implants pigment at the epidermal junction and becomes encapsulated by resident cells. The body will undergo a normal healing process following the treatment for 4-8 weeks. The residual pigment will stay here, just underneath the skin, for between 1.5 - 10 years and will gradually fade. A touch up session will be required to maintain the results over the long term. However, this length of time will depend on the individual.

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