Paramedical tattooing.....say what!?

I’m sure you all have seen the modern day tattoos with vibrant colours and elaborate designs. It is likely you have even seen or heard of cosmetic tattooing which is used to define the eyebrows or balance out the lips and is extremely popular to maintain low maintenance makeup. However, paramedical tattooing is now taking the industry by storm as the possibilities are endless and is only limited by the imagination and speciality of the technician. Paramedical tattooing involves the implanting of specialised pigments in the upper dermis to camouflage or recreate body markers.

The skilled practitioner can; recreate a 3D looking areola following mastectomy; blend unsightly scarring with the surrounding skin; give the appearance of hair in the case of balding; and camouflage stretch marks, birthmarks and skin disorders such as vitiligo.

The techniques used in paramedical tattooing are unique in that the pigments selected are carefully blended to perfectly match the skin tone of the individual. Additionally, the finished result lacks strong bold lines seen in artistic tattoos. Every line, every edge and every dot is implanted seamlessly to become a part of the surrounding skin.

Although the theory of implanting pigment in the skin is the same for all types of tattoo the paramedical tattoo technician goes one step further and uses the most advanced technology that measures the resistance of the skin to maintain the same speed and depth in the skin throughout the entire treatment. As a result, there is less damage to the skin than modern day tattoos and is beneficial when treating scarring and immune compromised individuals. Furthermore, the paramedical tattoo technician is highly experienced in maintaining a sterile field. The cleanliness of the surroundings and the way the treatment is performed is comparable to a minor procedure performed by a nurse or a doctor, this level of hygiene is particulary important for individuals that have had infections or past illness.
When looking for a technician keep these points in mind to ensure you book your consultation with a skilled practitioner that is going to keep your skin safe throughout your treatments.

If you or someone you know has a scar they dislike, is losing hair or has lost an areola email for a free, no obligation comprehensive guide to choosing a skin professional.

Marnina Diprose holds a Bachelor Health Science in Dermal Therapies, a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Vocational Certificate of Laser and Light. Marnina has a strong passion in scar revision and holistic approaches to patient care. For media inquiries or if you have an interest in blog contribution please email